2014-03-12 Kumamon bike 0

Kumamon gets his paws on a Honda bike

If you’re talking a one-on-one, no-holds-barred, raw contest for physical supremacy, a bear has already got a big furry leg up on any human being you could name. The razor-sharp claws, powerful jaws, and...

2014-02-28 parts 0

Tidbits – February 2014

Are you into that whole brevity thing? Let’s take a peek at the stories in February that were a little too short for a standard post. This month a new WiFi service aimed at...

2014-02-24 i8 0

BMW i8 takes the lead at the Tokyo Marathon

If you missed it, the 2014 Tokyo Marathon was held last week in Japan’s capital and largest city. The previous weekend’s snow seems to have melted and World Marathon Majors reports that weather was...

2014-02-17 miku 1 0

Hatsune Miku Racing prepares for 2014

It’s got two doors, no interior, and a promotional gimmick that could only happen in Japan: The Hatsune Miku Racing Team. It’s a subject I’ve covered before on the blog, but if you’re unfamiliar...

2014-02-13 Warhol BMW 1 0

Andy Warhol BMW M1 in Roppongi

Your humble scribe lives out in the provinces as far as Japan goes, but this week I embarked on a brief trip to Tokyo. A tweet from BMW Japan called my attention to the...

2014-01-30 snacks 0

Tidbits – January 2014

Some smaller stories from January collected and collated. Tokyo Auto Salon, Oden, and Porsche Japan finds a new CEO.